Medical Assistance Transportation

Who qualifies for Medical Assistance transportation?
To be eligible for Medical Assistance transportation you must have a valid Medical Assistance Access Card and fill out the MATP eligibility application. Download application here

Where can I go using Medical Assistance transportation?
Once the MATP application has been approved individuals may use this service to go to medical appointments. Department of Welfare pays for the cost of the trip.

How to make your reservation at MATP
Once registered for the program, passengers can call our office to makereservations for transportation. Passengers must call the office by 11 a.m. the business day prior to the day they want to travel. EMTA cantake trip reservations up to four weeks in advance. EMTA also offers standing appointments. The service allows passengers who have tripsthat follow a fixed pattern the option not to have to call trips in ona daily basis. They only need to call should their trip change or needto be canceled.

How to cancel your trip
Passengers are required to cancel their trips at least one hour prior to the arrival of the driver. If you call EMTA later than 1 hour before yourscheduled pickup or do not call us at all, your trip will be considered a "no show." No shows disrupt service to other customers because avehicle that could have been picking up someone else must travel forsomeone who does not ride. Excessive "no shows" also increase the costof service as EMTA must pay the cost of having a vehicle and driver inservice, without receiving any revenue. These costs must be passed ontotrips that are taken. Excessive no shows will result in penalties tothe rider.

Cost of Medical Assistance Transportation
There is no cost for Medical Assistance transportation. Medical Assistance pays for the cost of the trip.

Out of service Medical Appointments
EMTA provides door to door Medical Appointments outside EMTA's service areaon certain days of the week. Days are indicated by this sign:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday







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Johnson City/Owego